The Power of Women

In Partnership with Procter and Gamble


Having the opportunity to see The Winter Olympic Games PyeongChang 2018 in person was definitely one of the best experiences of my life but having the chance to interview three powerful women that represents Team USA and P & G athletes is priceless. Procter and Gamble a real family that lives with all the heart the sport, they said present, in the Olympics this year, and for me was an honor to go with them in this fabulous experience. I know that these women had to travel long distances to get there, train for months on end, focus and spend extended periods of time apart from friends and family to get themselves to this place. It was a true honor to spend time with Jamie Anderson, Aja Evans and Elana Meyers Tylor.

Jamie Anderson, two time Olympian in 2014 and now 2018, represents Team USA in snowboarding categories - She has been highlighted in the Freestyle and big air snowboarding Sport. She is the first woman to have ever won two gold medals in the Winter Olympic Games and She’s also first female snowboard to win two medals at a single Olympics. She won her second gold medal this year in Korea, and I was there to see her compete, it was so inspiring. She was super happy and personable when I met her. We talked about yoga, family and her amazing experience with Downy. We felt so comfortable talking about our experience with Downy Protect and Refresh because we are Downy girls. She told me how Downy Protect and Refresh has been a true helper for her to have her clothing fresh all day and all the time. Aside from her as a competitive athlete, I got to know more about her personal life and when I asked her, “what don’t the people know about you,” she told me that her future dream is to have a farm in the mountains, with horses, ducks, and chickens.

When I met Aja Evans I was completely taken with her strong personality and divine beauty. Her presence is undeniable and she carries herself with such grace and confidence. She was incredibly kind and had a beautiful smile. Aja is a two time Olympian, and she represents Team USA in the Bobsled sport. She won a bronze medal in 2014. She is a real inspiration for all that girls who for any reason struggle with bias. We spoke about how the Procter and Gamble campaign “Love over Bias” touched her heart and how she identified and related with the messaging of the campaign. Her mom was there right next to her during the entire competition and she said that her greatest motivation to become a professional athlete was her mom’s constant love and encouragement. She said that the best part of this campaign was how it showed how real the athletes were. It allowed everyone to see that the athletes were normal humans with the same struggles as a black girl in a big city. Aja is so divine and beautiful, more than convinced to know that she is Olay's ambassador. We spoke about her wonderful experience with all the Olay products and how Olay's completes her daily routine with the perfect moisturizing on her face and body.

Elana Meyers Taylor is a complete sweetheart. This wonderful and strong woman has a big heart and great story. Elana is a three time Olympian in 2010, 2014 and now in 2018. She won a bronze medal in Vancouver 2010, one silver in Sochi 2014 and one silver this year on PyeongChang. She represents the Bobsled team for Team USA in the Winter Olympic Games. Her story is a story or dedication and of persistence because she was actually trying to get into the Olympics with another sport but failed which is why she decided to pursue bobsledding. that means when you want something in life, you must fight for it.

Something I didn’t know about her and I really loved was that she is half Latina yayyyy…her father is from Panana, so she knows a little Spanish which made me smile. Of course, I asked her, “What don’t people know about you?” She gave the most unique response, “I don’t like cold weather.” That is so funny because she has made a name and career through a winter sport but trust me, I completely understand her because I’m a tropical girl. And like a tropical girl, we know what we need for our hair…she told me how the #Goldseries of Pantene works perfectly with her multiracial hair. She high recommends the Hydrating Butter Crème and the Intense Hydrating Oil, those two works perfectly with her hair in the cold weather and any weather. Elana says that one of the things she loves most about it is how it helps her hair stays moisturized all day no matter the weather is like.”

Great time, new friends, and once in a lifetime experiences… what else I can ask for? I’m so happy and honored to meet these wonderful women with different backgrounds but they all have something in common, a desire to succeed and represent the United States with dignity and pride. Thank you so much, Procter and Gamble for opening the doors for me to another world with the best examples of strength and passion for success.


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