Upgrade Your Winter Look to a Fresh Spring Style

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I do not know about you, but I'm so happy that Winter is almost over! I love Winter clothes, like boots, big bold jackets and cute hats – but this winter in Texas was waaaaay too long. The weather was completely crazy, very cold, too many cold days. Enough already! So now that we’re approaching spring, I can finally start to transition my wardrobe – and come out of hibernation and start going out and enjoying all the activities I missed for the past few months.

But if you’re like me, you don’t have an entirely new wardrobe for each season – so it’s all about learning to adjust your layers, and use the staples in your closet for new warm weather looks. So I want to share some tips and advice for how to turn any Winter outfit into a fashionable Spring statement.

First things first - a fresh Spring look requires a great Spring scent. That’s why I use Downy Protect & Refresh. I want to go out and have FUN this spring so I need to make sure my clothes are up to the challenge. From playing with the kids to shopping with friends to working on my blog after a walk in the park, to meeting up with my husband for a romantic dinner – my look needs to last. And Downy Protect & Refresh not only protects my clothes from fading, stretching and pilling, it also gives me new styles 24 hours of odor protection so I smell great through it all.  It’s like a deodorant for my clothes.

It’s so simple to use: after adding detergent, pour it into the fabric conditioner dispenser, or if you have toploader washing machine like me, you can use a Downy Fabric Softener Ball and pop into the machine on top of the clothes, and that’s it.

Downy Protect & Refresh
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I swear I’ve had a crazy day surrounded by smoky food, a smelly bar and of course my kids who seem to bring in every smell in the world – and at the end of the day my clothes smell just as good as the start. I even put my clothes back in the closet afterwards – no need to do laundry every couple days! It's the best way to keep my clothes looking fresh - trust me it is the best investment for your clothes.

So now that I’ve shared with you my secret for keeping my favorite clothes looking and smelling great, I want to share my secrets for how to transition Winter looks to Spring without needing to buy a whole new wardrobe. Try Downy Protect & Refresh for yourself, and see the tips below.

1: Go For Basics

I always try to use base colors, solid colors like black and white, because you can use it all the year. Not everything needs to pop – and using your solid staples allow you to layer your Spring statements.

Spanglishfashion for Downy 3
Spanglishfashion for Downy

2. Pick Details That Stand Out

The best way to move from one season to the next one is through the details––choose colors that reflect the new season, like my pink bomber for Spring. It makes the transition is more passive and fun.

3: Finish With Fun, Flirty Footwear

Shoes make all the difference in a seasonal look. A brighter color and casual style make a statement, like my pink sneakers, and immediately make an outfit fun and spring-ready.

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