One Dress – One Crazy Day with Laura in Partnership with Downy

My life is like everyone else’s – busy busy busy. I do my best every day to balance all the things I need to do to be a wonderful mother and wife, and then share my passion and love for family, food, and fashion with all of you. I love all of these things with all my heart and they each represent who I am as a person and a woman – but it can be exhausting - and many times, I feel like I fall short somewhere. Do you ever feel that way?

I clean and organize and care for my son, then I write from a coffeehouse, take pictures, and then I may have a date with my husband to connect. That is ONE day! And many times I am wearing the same outfit the whole time. And the last thing I want is to be worried about how my clothes smell.

That’s why I love Downy Protect & Refresh. It is the best way to keep my clothing looking smelling fresh for the whole day. It’s like deodorant for your clothes!

It’s so simple: after adding detergent, pour it into the fabric conditioner dispenser, or if you have toploader washing machine like me, you can use a Downy Fabric Softener Ball and pop into the machine on top of the clothes, and that’s it. So no matter what my day will bring, Downy Protect & Refresh will protect my clothes from odor all day and smell nicer than ever.

Today, I went to work all day at the coffeehouse and then I went on a date with my husband. It was smelling lovely all day, and I was even able to wear my dress more than one time. How amazing is that? Thanks, Downy!

Try Downy Protect & Refresh for yourself, and here are my four tips for balancing work life and mom life:

1.     Be practical

The best to way to be practical is be yourself, don’t try to be another person. Recognize your limitations and turn them into opportunities.

2.     Be Consistent

This one is the key to success in any area of your life. Parents know how difficult it can be to be consistent – whether is it’s time potty training or taking time for myself or setting a date night with my husband, and you are not in the mood, you must be consistent if you want to see a real change.

3.     Be organized

Without being organized, it will be almost impossible to be creative, consistent and follow reach your dream goals. This is fundamental. Make organization a priority, so can always track what’s if you don't put the organization in the first place on your list. For sure you won’t know what is coming next or what you already did.

4.     Create a Super Day

As a full time, mom, sometimes it’s difficult to do accomplish everything you have to do in one day – so I try to schedule a Super Day once by the week, where I pack in a lot of activities (chores, groceries, meal prep) to give my whole week a boost.

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