Perfect BBQ Outfit + My Secret For Keeping it Smelling Fresh

In partnership with Downy

Texas is a wonderful land where we do BBQ every single weekend, we love to have parties outside and have a really good time with family and friends. If you like to BBQ, you will know for sure that your clothes will get a very strong smell. Today, I will share with you how you can smell great before, during and after a party outside as well as how to put together the perfect BBQ outfit.


My secret to keeping my clothing smelling fresh is Downy Protect & Refresh, personally the best liquid fabric conditioner I have ever used. It protects your clothing from fading and stretching and has spectacular odor protection for the whole day. And the best part about Downy Protect & Refresh is the simplicity in how it is used: pour it into the fabric conditioner dispenser right after adding detergent, or if you have a top-loader washing machine like me, pour it into a Downy Fabric Softener Ball and pop that directly into the machine drum on top of the clothes. You don’t need to wait for the rinse cycle.


Before you pick the perfect outfit for your next BBQ, you must first know how the weather will be; I don’t know about your town, but here in Texas, we have crazy weather; one day is cold and the other is not. Here are some tips to select the perfect BBQ outfit:

  1. Select comfortable clothing: the best way to feel good is to have comfortable clothing; nothing too tight or too loose. I recommend pants in case you have a windy day so you will be covered.
  2. Sneakers, flats or boots: when you have a BBQ day, you will be on your feet almost all the time, so you must be comfortable because you will be walking everywhere.
  3. Light clothing: normally I do BBQ’s in the late afternoon, so it sometimes extends to night time. Dark colors attract mosquitos, while light colors ward them off when outdoors.
  4. Short sleeves: If you are going to be in charge of the BBQ, you need to have fitted short sleeves to avoid your clothes getting burnt or getting dirty while grilling.
  5. Wash your clothing: after you select your outfit, I highly recommend using Downy Protect & Refresh, so it will be protected all day from the BBQ odors.

These are simple steps, but the best steps to smell and look wonderful for your parties and after your parties… I promise you will feel confident all day no matter how strong the smell is outside, or if you have to cook in a closed kitchen, Downy Protect & Refresh will keep you super fresh all day. Head to your nearest store and try it out, you will not regret it!