Monday, October 2, 2017


Going to the park, delighting in nature, and enjoying being a full time mom is priceless for me. I enjoy a good evening and planning new travels, projects and dreams for my family and myself.
As you may know, hair care has always been a very important part of my beauty routine. I’m a big fan of having clean and healthy hair. So much so, that I can go out without makeup on but never leave the house with messy or dirty hair. That’s why I always have product on hand that protects my hair from the sun damage, air pollution and more. But not only that… I always try to have a really good ally for hair for all my weekly’s routines…yoga, exercises, take care of my son, blogging and travel.
Today I have the privilege of sharing that I have been chosen by Herbal Essences as an ambassador for their brand. I’m very excited and feel in heaven to be able to have the opportunity to represent the brand. A brand that goes just perfect with my life style, philosophy and authenticity. Inspired by natural antioxidants that are capable of neutralizing harmful free radicals, and one of my favorite characteristics is the first natural care brand.
There are nine different collections with shampoo and conditioner with unique and distinct components for every type of hair. They have exquisite and delicate fragrances for the most demanding tastes. Each collection has bio:renew technology, which means they have extraordinary ingredients like antioxidants, aloe, and sea kelp.
The nine collections of Herbal Essences include:  Argan Oil of Morocco, Vitamin E & Cocoa Butter, Passion Flower & Rice Milk, Passion Flower & Rice Milk, Coconut Milk, Golden Moringa Oil, Cucumbers and Green Tea, Arabica Coffee Fruit, Arabica Coffee Fruit, White Grapefruit & Mosa Mint and Rosemary & Herbs. The most fascinating part of all collections is that each one represents a culture, ritual, or millennium custom, all inspired by other cultures. All of this for my hair… how exciting, right?

I’m personally beyond happy with the Cucumber &a Green Tea collection. There aren't words to describe the divine scent in this marvelous duo. Plus, I can have you sure that you can feel results in your hair after your first use. I love to know that I can wash my hair after the gym without fear of my hair drying. It’s exciting to know that I have an excellent ally for my hair that not only have unique characteristics, but also adjusts perfectly to my multitasking life. I don’t have to wait longer to give myself deep treatments every so often when I have Herbal Essences by my side.
That’s all for now, but we will have a whole year to discover and enjoy Herbal Essences together. I hope you, too, will be able to discover the best collection for you as we embark on this journey toward healthy and beautiful hair together.


Thank you to Herbal Essences for this incredible partnership and for sponsoring this post.

Photos by Luis Angel Perez

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